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5 ways to add colour to your winter wardrobe

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

As the days start to get cooler, our wardrobes tend to start looking darker. The high street suddenly seems to be stocked with mostly, black, grey or brown clothing, especially when it comes to winter coats. However, just because the evenings are getting darker, doesn’t mean your outfits have to.

Here are five ways you can inject some colour into your autumn/winter wardrobe

1. Statement jewellery. A brightly coloured pair of earrings (or necklace, bracelets, even hair slides) can transform an otherwise bland outfit

2. Summer and spring clothing is usually more colourful. Have a look at your summer dresses and skirts to see if they could be layered up for use in the winter months too. Try putting a jumper over a dress or adding tights and a blazer. In the image below I am wearing a blue summer dress with a roll neck jumper over the top. Using this technique will provide you with a greater variety of outfits, maximising the use of your existing clothes and not costing you a penny!

3. Probably the easiest way to brighten up an outfit is to add a colourful accessory, or two, or three! A brightly coloured bag, or scarf, or hat can add an eye-catching colour pop

4. Incorporate a colourful, or patterned, base layer. If you prefer wearing neutrals to bold colours, but don’t want your outfit to look too dull, try a coloured lightweight jumper, blouse or shirt. You can then layer it up with a neutral shirt, blazer, dress or jumpsuit

5. Opt for a colourful coat. Despite the dominance of darker colours, there are still plenty of colourful coats to be found on the high street this season. You can wear a head to toe black outfit but still stand out from the crowd by adding a boldly coloured coat

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