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Life in Colour

Head to toe colour is a big trend for AW21. I am delighted to see more colour in the shops, colourful clothing can be a real mood booster.

Why not try it for yourself? Next time you're in a shop hold some colourful items up to your face and see what impact they have. With a bit of practice you will begin to notice which colours brighten your eyes and even your skin tone.

Or, purchase an accessory in your favourite colour, such as a scarf or handbag, this is a great way to gently introduce some colour in to your wardrobe.

Last week I wore this multicoloured dress to the theatre (what a joy to be back at the theatre!). The dress received a lot of compliments, people were drawn to the bold colours and print.

Would you wear a dress like this? If not, what would stop you?

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