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Why scarves are the perfect winter accessory

Scarves are the perfect accessory in the winter months for several reasons, including:

1. They keep you cosy

2. They are easy to remove if you get too hot

3. You can add a scarf in ‘your colours’ around your face to help counteract any outfit that doesn’t suit your skin tone

(If you don’t know your personal colours and are interested in colour analysis, please get in touch)

4. You can use a scarf to dip your toe into a trend. For example, if you like the animal print trend but fear looking like Bet Lynch, a scarf is a gentle way of introducing it

I am loving the trend for large check scarves this season. The one I am wearing in the picture below is from Gap. I love the vibrant colours and it is very cosy without being too bulky:

If you are on the look out for a check scarf, below are a selection that I am loving this season:


If you already have plenty of scarves but want to get a little more creative with them, here are a few ways you can style a scarf that don’t necessarily involve your neck:

Tie your scarf to your handbag

By tying your scarf around your handbag, you can make a boring bag look glamourous and stylish. It's probably best to stick to lighter scarves (such as a silk scarf) for this look, as a blanket scarf could really weigh you down. Also, if it starts raining then you can quickly remove the scarf from your bag and wrap it around your head-stylish and practical!

Turn your scarf into a shawl by simply adding a belt

This gorgeous look is so simple to recreate, only a belt and a scarf needed to completely transform an outfit

Wear a scarf on your head

There are some great online tutorials on how to use a scarf in a variety of different ways on your head

Use your scarf as a belt

This can add a pop of colour or pattern to an otherwise neutral outfit, or really jazz up your jeans

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